How to make time for yourself

"As the universe expands infinitely, time is infinite", said Einstein.
Still, doesn't it always feel like we don't have enough time?
I believe sometimes it's just a matter of making some time- freeing up a bunch of minutes in our day, to do what's most important for us and our wellbeing: things that make us feel good.
But how can we do it? Even when it feels impossible, I promise you, there's a way!
Here are some tips for you:

1. Evaluate your use of time. Is there any moment of the day where you actually have some time on your hands, that you don't use wisely? Do you spend your commute writing work emails? Do you scroll social media without paying attention before you go to bed? .

2. Set yourself as a priority. I know, often it feels like everything else is more important than yourself, but how can you take care of everything if you don't take care of yourself first? If you don't function, nothing else depending on you will. See it as a recharging pit stop: you'll be back with more energies to carry on!

3. Find a partner in crime. Sometimes it's just a matter of being reminded to stop for a bit and focus on yourself! Can someone be accountable for you? Even better, can someone take over things in the house/at work while you unplug for a moment (and vice versa)?

Give it a go and let me know if it works! Do you have any other tips for making time for yourself?

Federica Trimarchi